Saturday, September 8, 2007

Discarted Love

Time goes by and yet I remain the same
A frozen state, stuck rigid where you left me
Again the silence overwhelms me
And without words I drown in pity

One kiss would thaw my bones
One bliss would unfreeze my soul
But my feet are frozen to the ground
And I turn to the end of the world

In my lake of ghosts and souls
Into an island I know it´s not there
Where witches and goblins stare
I try my best my breath to keep

An inner awakenning of evil and torment
They pray for my soul to make me stay
My shouts and screams are close at hand
One night they will take me away...

There is no escape

... I will live forever suspended in time
To this discarted love...

Stay with me I say... Stay with me...

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